Kandi Comer Golf offers online golf lessons, and would love to help you play better golf now!

Reasons to try an Online Lesson with Kandi
1.  Follow up to a private golf lesson to see your improvement and to make sure you are on track.
2.  Live too far away to come often for private instruction.
3.  Preparing for a tournament and swing has gone wayward. This is the perfect time for a quick fix.
4.  Very cost effective. For $39.99 per lesson, you can have your golf game analyzed using video technology.

How it Works
1. Capture a video of your swing or other aspects of your game using your smartphone or video camera.
2. Email your videos to
3. Kandi will personally review your videos and provide you with a voice-over video analysis. She will give you customized feedback and a lesson plan to improve your game.