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4 Ways to Improve Your Golf Game in 2018

With a new year upon us and New Year's resolutions in place, I thought I would chime in with a few ways to improve your golf game in 2018. I am sure all golfers would like to play better golf this year,because we all know it is more fun when we play well.


  • Discover Patience The hardest part about change is being patient with yourself. Change is never easy, but with patience you can create a more relaxed atmosphere which will create less tension. The process goes much faster without tension.
  • Have Fun The most important important thing is to remember to have fun. This can be a challenge some days, but you have to find a way to always have fun and enjoy the moment. I can remember some young players that I coached who were lucky enough to play a practice round at the US Open with Annika Sorenstam. The one thing Annika’s Coach emphasized to her was to always have fun. His rule with Annika was she had to laugh after a bad shot. We have to remember getting upset only creates more tension and, once again, slows down the process.Good luck, have fun and enjoy the process.