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5 Ways to Get Your Golf Game Ready for Spring

As I drive into work every morning and see a snow covered driving range and golf course, I only have to think that the golfers are getting bored being stuck inside. The first thing I want to remind everyone is that Spring will be here on March 20th. This has been the busiest winter to date with golfers taking lessons in the indoor teaching center but there are also ways you can prepare at home. Here are 5 tips to get your game ready for the spring:

  1. Check your equipment. Do your clubs need to be re-gripped? How do the faces of your wedges look? Are the grooves worn down? Go through your golf bag and check your golf balls and get rid of any old golf balls. How do your gloves look? Take the time to do a club fitting to make sure you are playing the right clubs for your swing and your game. If you are playing with a club that is too flat your misses will have a tendency to go right and if the club is too upright your misses will be left. Find a facility that has a launch monitor that can fit your equipment and also do a gap fitting to see if you have any major gaps in between clubs. We use the GC2 launch monitor which will give you the feedback you need immediately.
  2. Get your mental game in check. Take some time to read some books on how to practice and how to think both on the golf course and while you practice. There are some good books out there written by Pia Nilsson and Lynn Marriott that I would highly recommend along with some of Bob Rotella's books. One of my favorites is the The Little Red Book by Harvey Penick. I would not read a lot of books on instruction because there is not a "one swing fits all" technique out there. Everyone is different and therefore everyone has a different swing.
  3. Practice putting indoors. Putting is something we can all do indoors on the carpet. Practice with the Putting Arc training aid and then when you get back outdoors you know your putting stroke will be ready to go. I like to practice putting to a quarter because then I know the hole will look large when I start playing again. Practice different distances to work on your speed control.
  4. Fitness. It is important to get your body ready from a fitness standpoint to be ready for theRedcord golf fitness program spring season. I encourage Yoga, Pilates, and any cardiovascular workout that you enjoy and work on your core strength. I would highly recommend finding someone that has a golf specific exercise program.  I use a Redcord program with my students, which is a core based program that has shown tremendous results for golfers. Fitness is important to prevent injuries and to add more yardage to your shots.
  5. Lessons. It has been a great winter in our indoor facility and it Winter Golf Programshas been very encouraging seeing so many golfers work on their game. I always hear golfers say, "I wish I would have worked on my game during the off season." If you choose to put your clubs away for the winter, save yourself some frustration by starting the season off with a series of lessons so you know what to work on and you will be way ahead of the game. It is important to find an instructor that you are comfortable with and will teach in a simple and concise way so you are not overwhelmed. Taking a lesson should be fun and you should see improvement quickly.

So get to work on these five items and I can guarantee you that you will enjoy the spring golf season with improved golf.  As I always remind golfers, playing better golf is more fun.

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