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How to Hit a Draw

During lessons, I always ask golfers what shape they are looking for with their shots. It seems like everyone wants to hit a draw. Since I wrote about the clubface controlling the launch direction of a shot in last week’s article, I figured I would explain how to hit a draw this week. There are several theories on how to draw the golf ball, and the theories have changed over the years due to more testing with new and better launch monitor technology. That new technology has determined new ball flight rules and has revealed what causes the ball to curve.draw_trajectory

Here is my advice:

  • If you are a right-handed golfer, aim your clubface to the right of your target.
  • Aim your feet, hips and shoulders further to the right of the target than your clubface. This will give the clubface a closed position in relation to your swing path, which will create draw spin on the ball.
  • Swing along the line of your feet, hips, and shoulders. The ball will start right of your target, because that’s where the club face and swing path are going, and will curve it back left because the club face is closed to the swing path.
  • Note: if you are a left-handed golfer, reverse the direction of alignment.

Hit the range this week and practice this advice so that you are comfortable with it before you take it to the course.

Enjoy the game! Find a PGA professional that uses a launch monitor so that learning and improving can be easier for you. Launch monitors tell us the cause and effect of each shot; therefore, it is much easier for the golfer to make corrections in their ball flight, which results in quicker learning and quicker results.

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