Stay in Better Balance for More Consistency

If you watch great players swing the golf club, you will notice they all swing in balance. You will also notice that they swing every club with a consistent tempo. There are some players who have a naturally faster tempo (Tiger Woods) and there are some players that have a naturally slower tempo (Ernie Els); yet, they all maintain their balance over their front foot on their finish and their golf swing appears very rhythmic and athletic. I believe the key to consistency is to maintain your balance on every swing. If you rush your golf swing, you will lose your balance. The result will be inconsistent contact and poor ball flight. Tempo and balance are the glues that bond the positions and movements of the golf swing in a succinct and coherent way.

If you want to be a more consistent ball striker, start by making sure that you are finishing in balance over your front leg. It is that simple. When I was learning the game at a young age, the late Davis Love told me I could swing as hard as I wanted to as long as I was in balance throughout my entire swing. This meant holding my finish over my front leg.

1-feet-together-2Drill: One of the best and simplest ways to improve your balance throughout your swing is to hit balls with your feet together. Start with half swings with short irons and then progress to full swings with the longer clubs. Feel free to tee the ball up on a low tee if necessary. You will be amazed at how much more connected your golf swing will feel after trying this drill on the range.

Drill: Hit balls starting with a full swing at 50% speed, then go to 75% and then go to a 100%. Remember, this is a full swing and the swing is 50% from start to finish.

Drill: Try to hit a driver a 100 yards with a full swing and consistent tempo. For some this will make the tempo very slow, but you will learn to control your balance through better tempo.

Enjoy the game and, remember, if you ever have a topic about which you would like me to write, don’t hesitate to email me at or stop by my golf academy at Old Trail Golf Club located in Crozet, VA.