Make 2016 the Year You Have More Fun on the Golf Course

new-year-2016-imagesIt is hard to believe that another year is about to begin. Why not make 2016 the year you improve your golf game? After all, golf is way more fun when we play better. Improving your golf game does not mean you have to start over and change everything you have learned. it doesn’t have to be that complicated. Most good golf instructors make simple, incremental improvements in the golfer’s existing swing so that there is no need for a difficult and time-consuming overhaul. Golf instructors understand that golfers do not want to get worse in order to get better. Time is of the essence for most golfers; therefore, instruction needs to be simple and clear so that rapid improvement can occur. On the other hand, the golfer must understand that even the simplest changes require some practice in order to see improvement. As a golf instructor, I tell golfers I do not have any magic pixie dust. Like anything that you want to improve, a little work is required.

The million dollar question is: how do I find a golf instructor that I know will improve my game so that I can start having more fun quickly?

  • Ask your friends that you play golf with who they have taken lessons from and ask them about their experience with that instructor.
  • Research online for instructors in your area, and do not be afraid to drive 60-90 miles to receive good instruction. Make a list of instructors that you think seem like a good fit.
  • Call the instructors on your list and see if you can set up a time to meet with them to talk about their philosophy and programs. This is an informational interview of sorts for the golfer to see if the instructor seems like a good fit.
  • Ask what technology they use in their instruction and, more importantly, how they use it. For golf lesson technologyexample, you would not want an instructor who can only teach with a launch monitor. You want an instructor who can teach without technology, but uses technology in a simple way that will benefit the student by making learning easier.
  • Ask the instructor what program he or she would suggest based on the goals you tell him or her. You want an instructor who is willing to set up a coaching program versus a one-and-done lesson. You want to feel the instructor has a vested interest in helping you improve your game. Ask if the instructor holds supervised, group practice sessions.
  • How accessible is the instructor if you have a question after your lesson? You want an instructor who you can contact to ask a simple question about what you are working on. Again, they need to have that interest and be willing to answer an email or return a phone call to help you reach your goals.
  • What kind of facilities are available. If you live in colder weather: do they have an indoor facility? I believe that working on your game during the off season is the time to improve so that you are ready to go when the warm weather arrives.

Once you have decided that you are ready to start having more fun playing golf in 2016, take your time and research the right instructor. Good luck and if you are struggling to find an instructor, feel free to email me at and I will be happy to help if I know instructors in your area.