Lower Your Scores with Improved Chipping

I have noticed more and more that golfers are using the same club to chip from anywhere around the green. This club generally seems to be a sand wedge. To develop good touch around the greens by using one club requires an exceptional amount of ‘feel’ and requires lots of practice. Unless you are able to invest the time and effort, I suggest that you develop a chipping system that involves learning one basic swing, and then vary the club that you use to play chips of differing length.

chip ShotA chip shot is used when the shot is fairly flat and close to the green. You play the ball back in your stance and the weight is on your front foot. Grip down on the club for control and then swing the club with your shoulders. Keep the head still and think of a pendulum clock swinging back and through (same distance back and through).

I believe the most effective chipping strategy is one that lands the ball on the putting surface as quickly as possible and allows the ball to roll to the hole. I encourage golfers to mentally divide the distance between their ball and the hole into thirds, landing the ball one-third on the green and allowing the ball to roll the remaining two-thirds of the way to the hole.

Regardless of the club you are using for your chip shot, you should swing the club with the same tempo every time. Try hitting chip shots with a 5 iron down to your sand wedge with the same swing on every shot and make note of the reaction of the clubs. Obviously, a 5 iron will roll more than a sand wedge. Gauge your club choice by the distance you want the shot to travel; use a less lofted club for the longer shots and more loft for the short shots.

With practice, you will have a good idea of which club produces what roll. Once you have this knowledge, you will then be able to select the correct club and hit different length shots close to the hole on the golf course.

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