I Promise Spring is Coming

winter golf programsAs I sit here in my office on yet another snowy morning I am trying to convince myself that spring will be here soon.  It seems that we are having more snow shoveling time during February and March than we have had golf time.  But I promise you spring will come so let's start preparing now for the golf season. Here are a few tips that all golfers should do before they make that first trip to the golf course for the new season.

  • Check your golf equipment. Are your grips split or slick? Having good grips is very important as we get into warmer weather.  We do not want any reason for our hands to slip in the middle of our swing.  Do your wedges have plenty of grooves left on the club face?  We want to make sure the ball will spin some with adequate grooves once it hits the green.
  • Clean out your golf bag.  You might be amazed or surprised what you will find in your bag from last year.  Stock your bag with tees, balls, gloves, divot repair tools, band aids, sunscreen etc.  Make sure your range finder has new batteries for the year.  Make sure you have a good glove not one that has gotten hard and slick during the winter months.
  • Clean your shoes and check your soft spikes.  Start the year off with good traction by replacing your soft spikes.  The spring is always wet and this will give you added traction to prevent slipping during a swing.   Make sure your shoes are still waterproof and have not exceeded their guarantee.
  • Do you have a rain suit and umbrella in case you get caught on the course in the rain? If so make sure the rain suit is in your bag and the umbrella is on the bag.
  • As I mentioned above spring golf is generally wet and make sure you have a clean towel on your bag and an extra towel inside the bag.  For those cold spring mornings throw a couple hand warmers in your bag and a warm stocking cap.

golf practiceNow that you have everything ready to go all we need is some warm weather.  I encourage golfers to start the season off by getting a tune up lesson or signing up for a refresher golf school/clinic to make sure you have all your fundamentals in check and it will create a lot less frustration in those early rounds.  Check to see if the PGA or LPGA professional near you has an indoor teaching facility as we have at my facility and this will really give you a jump start to the season.

Wishing everyone a great 2014 golf season and if you are near the Charlottesville, VA area please feel free to stop by to see me at the Kandi Comer Golf Academy located at Old Trail Golf Club in Crozet, VA.