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How to Control Distance with Your Pitch Shots

I am always having golfers ask me how to hit pesky 30-70 yard shots so here is your weekly golf tip. The basic pitch shot is a miniature golf swing. The set up is slightly different in that your feet are slightly open to your target and your hips and shoulders remain square to your target. The ball is The Pitch Shotplayed in the middle of your stance with a slight knee bend.

Once you have the set up you want to keep the lower body (legs and feet) quiet on your back swing and swing the arms and upper body together, keeping the club on the correct plane. If you keep a light grip the club will have a better chance to hinge naturally on your backswing, preventing the golf club from going behind your body.   Here’s a good checkpoint: as you swing the club half way back, the grip end of the club should be pointing to the ground with your lead arm forming an L with the shaft. A good visual image is to feel like you are getting your stomach in motion. This will allow you to turn away from the ball and then turn towards the target on the follow through.

There are two ways to control distance on these pitch shots. You can grip down on the golf club and/or you can shorten your backswing. As you grip down on the club also narrow your stance a Clocklittle and move the ball a little back in your stance. Another good way to control distance is to think in terms of matching numbers on a clock – swing back to 9:00 and through to 3:00 and see how far you hit it. Practice different distances using different times on the clock to dial in yardages.

You can also work on different trajectories on pitch shots. To hit a lower shot, move the ball back in your stance and keep your weight on your front foot. To play a higher shot move the ball forward in your stance and your weight will be more evenly distributed on your feet.

As always, you never want to try a shot on the golf course until you have practiced it. Practicing this pitch shot will help your tempo with full shots.

Memorial Day Junior Golf Festival

This will be a day that you will not want to miss. We will have basic instruction, fun inflatables, water balloon contests, parent-child relays and much more. Dennis Walters will have an amazing trick shot show beginning at 2:00 along with Dottie Pepper 17 time winner on the LPGA tour and now an ESPN commentator. Come join us at 1:00 for a fun day at Old Trail Golf Club located in Crozet, Virginia. This is all free of charge and all ages invited. Junior Golf Festival



How to Hit a Fairway Bunker Shot and other News

There are a lot of golfers that have a lot of fear when they hit the ball in a fairway bunker.  Here are some simple steps to help you eliminate that fear.  Set-up is very important when you are trying to hit a shot out of a fairway bunker. Fairway Bunker Shot 1.  When you step in the bunker stand on top of the sand and do not bury your feet. 2.  Play the ball slightly ahead of center in your stance. 3.  Put a little more weight on your front foot. 4.  Look at the front of the ball. 5.  Make sure you have enough club to clear the lip in front of you. 6.  Think tempo and hitting the ball first.

Try these tips and I think you will see yourself hitting more successful shots.

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