6 Reasons Why You Should Take Golf Lessons During the Winter

winter golf programsThe overwhelming majority of recreational golfers do not take lessons. It is another one of those quizzical, only-in-golf mysteries. Most of us could use help and the help is widely available, so, naturally, most golfers instead keep their heads down (or not) and plod on, hoping to master the game on their own.Most golfers would never think about taking a lesson during the winter months and instead just put their clubs in the closet until spring.  One thing for sure is that once those clubs go in the closet, you will not get any better and will actually make starting back in the spring very difficult.

I feel as a golf instructor I make more progress with students during the winter months than I do during the season.  My philosophy has always been to work really hard with golfers during the winter months to improve their golf swing for consistency and to work on putting and then we work on maintaining the swing during the season with a tweak here or there and the short game is the main focus during the season.

Here are 6 reasons to find a winter instructional program to improve your game for the spring season.

  1. Find a climate-controlled facility that is like a golf laboratory with a PGA/LPGA Instructor that has knowledge and the use of technology (video, 3-D analysis, putting analysis, launch monitor etc).  The weather is always nice and you do not have to wear multiple layers.
  2. Golfers are not worried about the $5.00 nassau with their buddies or the next tournament so they can focus on the process without worrying about results.
  3. Better focus indoors when it is just the student and the instructor and there are no distractions from other golfers or worrying what other golfers are thinking while watching you take a lesson.
  4. Lots of slow motion swings will engrain new motions faster than banging balls on the range.
  5. Find an instructor that uses video and 3-D technology and can also evaluate your shots with a launchwinter golf programs monitor.  This way you will always have feedback that you are making the correct swings and you can see the changes.  This is also true for working on your putting.
  6. Most instructors will also set-up practice sessions with the 3-D technology so you can still practice indoors instead of your clubs collecting dust.

So my suggestion for all golfers as the weather starts to get cooler is to find an instructor that has proven success with instruction and has access to an “indoor golf laboratory” and sign up today for a coaching program this winter.  I can promise you that you will enjoy the spring golf season a lot more with better results.

If you have questions about winter programs at the Kandi Comer Golf Academy located at Old Trail Golf Club in Crozet, Virginia please visit kandicomergolf.com.


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