3 Ways to Hit Your Irons Closer to the Flag

I hope everyone has been able practice and play golf now that the weather has finally gotten better after the winter. I have had a lot of students come to me this week desperately wanting to improve their iron play. Golfers are looking for more consistency in hitting greens, and, of course, would like to hit it closer to the hole. Hit closer to flagThere are three areas that I think are important when you are trying to hit your irons closer to the hole.

1. Grip: You must have a fairly neutral grip when you grip the golf club. This means for most golfers that you need to see 1 and half knuckles on your lead hand at address. The V formed between your thumb and forefinger on your trail hand needs to point towards your trail shoulder at address. You also should hold the golf club with a relaxed grip pressure.

2. Alignment: Always make sure your clubface is aimed at your target. This might sound like a simple suggestion, but you would be amazed at how many golfers aim their bodies at the target and therefore leave the clubface aimed right ( for right handed golfers) of the target. To avoid this, start by aiming the clubface at the target and then set your feet, hips and shoulders parallel to the target line. Visualize railroad tracks. Your clubface is on the outside of the track and your body will be on the inside track.

3. Impact position: I feel the most important moment of any golf swing is at impact. As a result, if I have to give one tip without seeing the golfer swing and know they want to hit the ball closer to the hole, I will tell them they have to make sure that the back of their lead hand must face the target at impact. What that means is if you wear a glove and the back of that glove must be facing the target at impact. The shaft should be leaning a little towards the target.

Now, go outside and take some practice swings with these tips in mind to see where the back of your lead hand or your glove hand is facing at impact. If it is not facing your target, then you will see why you have had trouble with your irons. Take slow motion swings, and I mean very slow swings, stopping at impact so your lead hand faces the target at impact. Once you get the feeling down in slow motion, then try hitting shots at real speed until you get the same feeling. In private lessons and full swing schools at Kandi Comer Golf, we us an impact bag so that you can really get a feel for this position.

I know you will see results. Good luck. For more tips visit kandicomergolf.com or stop by our office at Old Trail Golf Club in Crozet.

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