Thoughts on the 2018 U.S. Open Championship

Wow, the summer heat has arrived in full force! Even the US Open felt the full force of weather. Of course everyone has asked me about the Phil Mickelson ruling. The first thing I would say is that it is very disappointing that Phil made this decision. Even though he did not break the rules of golf in my opinion, it was very unprofessional and something that will scar his image for the rest of his career. Enough said!

On the other hand having played in five US Opens, with a 14thplace finish at Plainfield Country Club, I can say first hand these course set-ups are nothing new for the USGA. They are all about hard, fast greens with tough pin placements and any challenging weather can tip the scales to the unfair side. The warm weather and high winds totally made Shinnecock unplayable during the afternoon of the third round and totally took the afternoon players out of the tournament or at the minimal brought the morning wave of players closer to the top. Not to leave out the first two days where the tournament lost many of the top players for the weekend due to the high winds that also dried the putting surfaces out. 


I think the USGA forgets we are trying to grow the game and fans love to see players hitting great shots and playing great golf. I am sure the viewership went down this weekend with many of the top players not playing on the weekend and that could be a good thing because golf is not as hard as they made it look. So for the everyday golfer keep enjoying the game and be glad you do not have to play under those conditions. For the tour professionals please remember you are ALWAYS role models for our junior golfers and think before you act. 

Congratulations to Brooks Koepka for winning back to back US Opens and that is impressive!

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4 Ways to Improve Your Golf Game in 2018

With a new year upon us and New Year's resolutions in place, I thought I would chime in with a few ways to improve your golf game in 2018. I am sure all golfers would like to play better golf this year,because we all know it is more fun when we play well.


  • Discover Patience The hardest part about change is being patient with yourself. Change is never easy, but with patience you can create a more relaxed atmosphere which will create less tension. The process goes much faster without tension.
  • Have Fun The most important important thing is to remember to have fun. This can be a challenge some days, but you have to find a way to always have fun and enjoy the moment. I can remember some young players that I coached who were lucky enough to play a practice round at the US Open with Annika Sorenstam. The one thing Annika’s Coach emphasized to her was to always have fun. His rule with Annika was she had to laugh after a bad shot. We have to remember getting upset only creates more tension and, once again, slows down the process.Good luck, have fun and enjoy the process.
Improve your Posture for Straighter Shots

Every golfer wants to hit the ball straighter off the tee and into greens. And, everyone will agree that the game is much easier if it is played from the fairway. Hitting the ball straighter is easier than you think; and, it all starts with your set-up and posture. Here’s how to get into the correct posture:  

  • Start out by bending over to the ball from your hips—not by bending your knees or curling your shoulders.
  • Your weight should be on the balls of your feet.
  • Arms should naturally hang straight down from your shoulders.
  • Back should be flat and not have a curve at the lower part of your back (see picture)
  • Your feet, hips and shoulders should be parallel to your target at address.

When the posture and set-up is correct it allows our body to make a more efficient shoulder turn back and then to rotate through the ball to a balanced finish.

Enjoy the game by hitting it straighter and feel free to visit our website for more tips at